Firebeetle V4.0 pinouts

I have a Firebeetle ESP32 V4.0.
I can’t find any documentation on the touch capacitance pinouts/corresponding IO pins for this particular model.
Can you help me out please?


Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting on the forum.

RS has a copy of the datasheet for this product online, couldn’t find any reference to the touch capacitance unfortuantely. I would recommend also contacting DFRobot to see whether they’ve got any further non-public specifications for the Firebeetles that they may be able to provide for you.


Hi Steve,

Another tid-bit of information that might be able to help is the cap. touch page from espressif:

(Source - the table can be found in the technical reference manual)

Combined with the silk screen of the Firebeetle you’ll be able to see which pins can be used

…And using the alternate pin names from the datasheet…


Outstanding help thanks Liam120347

Thanks Bryce.
I was able to find that on the DF Robot site but as you also found there’s no reference to which are touch capacitance pins.
I’m just going to trial each obvious candidate 1 pin at a time. I don’t think I can do any serious damage.

Awesome links @Liam120347 that’s some serious google-fu.

Were you able to trial and error out the correct pins in the end Steve?

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Yep. All good thanks to my friends I didn’t know I had.