Flaky riser connectivity.. Is there a solution?

Hey all,

I’ve made a simple pro-mini (clone) shield for a project I’m working on to create a heap of clustered temp sensors with nrf24l01 connectivity… I just had the shield fabbed and rather than solder the rf24 modules, I’ve opted to use risers so that both the arduino and radio module can easily be swapped out… Unfortunately, the connection between the 8pin riser and the radio module seems to be really flaky… I have to push the adapter one way or another to get packet transmission and just sitting it on the table gives intermittent packet loss and/or loss of connectivity…

And of course, the pins on the adapter are too large for the holes in the PCB I had made !! :blush:

Is there any tricks or tips for new beginners on improving adapter to riser connectivity? Is this a common problem? Does bending pins help? I thought this would be a bullet proof design… :frowning:


Any suggestions would be welcomed!!


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