ClusterHat / Pi4 Connection

Morning All,
I’m a newby to the Pi world and have recently purchased a Pi4, ClusterHat, ADA2222, Hat Hacker with plans to Connect the ClusterHat via ADA2222 to the Pi4 giving the Pi4 some breathing room but also allowing me to connect a RF transmitter / receiver to the Pi GPIO via the Hat Hacker . It seems as though the pins on the ADA2222 are too short to 'connect ’ to the ClusterHat. Does anybody know whether the pins on the ADA4079 would connect through the Hat Hacker and into the ClusterHat?
Cheers, Vaughan

Morning Vaughan,

Welcome to the forum and to the world of Raspberry Pi!

Yes, it’s a parallel connection so as long as they use different GPIO for signals between the boards, you should be good to go. I put together the parts you’ve listed to show the clearance you’ll have for other components, should be plenty for most breakouts. I’d recommend soldering the HAT HACKER to the GPIO riser to make sure you’ve got a good connection, otherwise you should be good to go!

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Thanks Bryce.

I should have forwarded a photo of what I was attempting. I Have the ADA2222 mounted on the PI with the Hat Hacker on top over the Pi I then am looking to mount the ClusterHat on top.

This way all of hardware will fit within Pi Hut Modular case with extensions and I provide the Pi with breathing space.

I have just ordered a ADA4079, as the pins are longer and I expect I can solder the Hat Hacker to it and still be able to connect the ClusterHat.

Can Core supply the 78mm screws required for the Pi Hut and 5No. spacers?

Regards, Vaughan

Hi Vaughan,

Ah, I understand what you’re describing, unfortunately, we don’t appear to have 78mm M2.5 bolts. Depending on how High you need the GPIO you could use one of the extended headers, that’ll be taller than the ADA2222. Do you know the dimensions of the standoffs you’ll need? We’ve got a range of M2.5 spacers you can use, but if we don’t supply them ourselves, any M2.5 standoffs in the correct dimensions (Nylon would be preferable) would be your best option. Also, if you could please add some photos of what you’re planning that’d be great in giving us a better idea of what would suit.

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