Flexible LED filament robustness

Is one brand of flexible LED filament more robust than others?

I would like to use the most robust filament for a theatre show. It is mounted on a glove and has to flex quite a bit.

Some cheap filaments purchased on the web from China fail after a period.

Specifically, are the Adafruit filaments likely to be more robust?

Hi @Anthony83958 - It’s hard to say definitively what will be the most robust strip supplier.

Some factors that might contribute:

  • is it weather protected? While the sheath will protect the individual LEDs, it may also increase bending stresses as the strip is flexed repeatedly
  • LED size - smaller LEDs will occupy less strip area which may help reduce bending stress on the LED connections. 5050 is very common for WS2812 LEDs, but there are smaller flavours out there eg 2020.