N00ds - Flexible LED Filament - 3V 300mm long - Blue (ADA5508)

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Our favorite food when hacking on code or electronics is a hot bowl of noodles - and around NYC these are often called 'noods'! What we've got…

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Can they be cut to length, or no?

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Hi Rob,

There arent any cut lines like an addressable strip and it would void any warranties buuuuuut you dont really own something until you break it!
There is a mention of it using an ultra-flexible metal backing - though I’m not certain how easy it would be connecting to it.

What kind of project were you looking to include these in?


Looks beautiful. Have you measured the brightness?

Hi Rooppoor,

While we don’t have the gear to do proper brightness measurements, these are “leaves-a-mark-in-your-vision” bright when cranked up to full brightness, definitely enough for any art project I imagine, maybe not intended to illuminate a room though.