Foot Pedal Potentiometer - Sewing Machine Speed Controller

First off, I am not technical, just a 73 year old sewing pensioner.

My original foot pedal would stop in the middle of sewing, light off, until I lifted my foot, light came back on, and I began sewing again. I really had to find a sweet spot for my foot as well.

So I received the pedal today. Sadly it sews slower than the power button on low. The power button is sitting on high. I lift my foot off the pedal and the machine continues to move at a snail pace without me doing a thing. I have to remove the 1 pin plug to stop it.

In other words it doesn’t work. It looks the same as my current foot pedal, same 1 pin plug, it just doesn’t work as a sewing machine foot pedal should.

Remember, I’m not technical, no car to go driving to get somebody to look at it either.

uhm, contact the supplier for suggestions? maybe you got a lemon?