Geared motors, LCD Screen and buzzer not working!

I’ve had fun with the SIK FOR ARDUINO UNO - V4.0 so far, but any project with the geared motors, LCD screen and buzzer fail to work. Both the LCD screen and the geared motors were supposedly Quality Controll checked although the LCD screen packet was received opened and it seemed a bit disconcerting, especially when I found out it doesn’t work in any project I try it with. After numerous double checking the wiring of the board and going through the troubleshooting they still failed to work adequately. Everything else works fine, but these 4 things have been isolated to be the problem.

In relation to the geared motor issue, after the first geared motor didn’t work, I checked all of the connections to make sure they were in the right place and they were. I confirmed this by connecting the second geared motor and it seemed to work after going to the serial monitor and typing in a speed of 200. It did seem to be spinning really slow, but I figured it just must be a really slow moving motor. After trying reverse and a couple of different speed rates it started to slow down and then stopped. It hasn’t been able to work in the subsequent trials I’ve had after, so both the geared motors are definitely faulty. If there is some super simple way of isolating these components beside from the simple projects I’ve already tested them in I’ll be happy to try them again and upload pictures as proof of their faultiness.

Cheers Brad

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Hi Brad,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with those components from the Sparkfun Inventors Kit! I think the first thing we should check is that everything is wired up properly and that there are no errors in the code. It can be very easy to miss something small. We have Tutorials for the Sparkfun Inventors Kit that include video walkthroughs on using the buzzer, LCD and geared motors. Please check out the videos. If you are still having trouble, send me a picture of the wiring and copy the code so I can double check it for you.

Looking forward to hearing how it works out!

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the reply. I think most of the problems were minor fails or presumptions on my part that didn’t follow through with the way I thought they should work. The potentiometer seemed to work for volume in the anticlockwise direction, although I was pretty sure I previously checked it through its full range of movement previously. Thanks heaps for getting back to me, it’s been fun playing around with this stuff.