Fruitbox - (Pi Jukebox) Autorun help needed please

Hi first time post here…

I’ve just finished a fun “Fruitbox” (a JukeBox….) Pi project and have finish the 3D printed case and all the hardware etc.

The problem is that I can’t seem to get the command line below to autorun on start -up.

Sudo ./fruitbox –cfg skins/TouchOne/fruitbox.cfg

Just using raspbian-buster…… pi 3b+ with a 7” touch screen. All the fruitbox setup runs 100% as per chundermike’s guide (see chundermike/rpi-fruitbox: Raspberry Pi fruitbox (

What is the recommended way to do this??

I think I’m missing something obvious.

Any help appreciated…



Out of interest, why the sudo? Wouldn’t it be better left off and run as the local user?

But I think the file you’re looking for is /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart, you should just be able to put your launch commands in there (not tested myself).

What other approaches have you taken? Keep in mind you can’t launch a GUI application in an environment without a display set (such as crontab).

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(also - epic print! love your jukebox!)

Just got it working:

Used nano to edit ( sudo crontab -e)
I add the line: @reboot (cd /home/pi/rpi-fruitbox-master; ./fruitbox –cfg skins/TouchOne/fruitbox.cfg ) /tmp/fruitbox.log 2>&1

Seems fine… but maybe crontab isn’t the best way to go.


Hi Bruce,

Welcome to the forum :grinning:

That is a seriously tidy looking project! Must have taken a while to print all the parts too.

Yes a few large parts… I used the work of JPRanger18 on Thingiverse as a starting point and re worked it. See Raspberry Pi Jukebox by JPRanger18 - Thingiverse Then many coats of high build acrylic spray putty followed by top coat and clear gloss…

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