Garage remote extended range transmitter

Looking to fit a permanent garage door opener into my car.
I have a momentary push button that will trigger a relay to activate the transmitter, what I’m looking for is a 433Hz transmitter with extended range that is also 12VDC powered. Hoping to be able to have the door opener learn the code from the transmitter.
I was directed to this forum for advice after contacting the product support guys



Cool idea! Typically garage door remotes aren’t focused on long range for obvious security reasons and in most cases long range is not really a requirement in the use case of a garage door opener.

If i was in your position i would not bother trying to learn the existing remote code, depending on the age of the garage door and the level of security implemented that approach can be more miss then hit.

Almost all garage door openers these days include a normally open and/or normally closed relay input. Using a paired set of long range TX/RX devices you could trigger a small relay back in the garage to open the garage door.

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Hi Jason,

While we have plenty of stuff that can transmit at 433Mhz, if your garage door is recently made it will likely have code hopping security, where the code needed to open the door changes after each opening. This was introduced because of the inherent vulnerability of fixed codes.

If you have an old garage door, then rather than learning the code you could make a sketch that will try every possibility until it gets it right. That would be the good news, the bad news is that anyone can open your garage door in six minutes :slight_smile:

I like @Arnold16700 's suggestion of making your own remote system wired into the physical switch in the garage. You just need to emulate a momentary button press to make that work, and you can use simple paired transmitter and receivers that don’t require complex programming.


Hey Guys

Thanks for the response, The unit is a Centurion, it’s been installed about 11 years.
I haven’t actually checked to see if it has the relay contacts, I’ll have to have a look when I get home from work in a couple of weeks. Wouldn’t these contacts be switched internally to activate an external device as opposed to being triggered by an external device?
@Arnold16700 From what you say I’m guessing it is a rolling code type TX/RX as there are no DIP’s in either opener or remote and I did get some cheap TX’s and just had them learn the code.
Assuming that there are contacts which TX/RX units would you recommend?
I will also need to investigate power for the RX unit from the opener to drive the relay.


The NO/NC contacts on garage door openers are usually there to be connected to a doorbell like button press (Which you may already have) located inside the home as a hardwired alternative to remotes.

Your best bet as a next step is to get the model number of the opener, scour the net for a manual and that will almost certainly have a wiring diagram to show you which connections to use.

As to which RX/TX units ill have to handball that one back to @Stephen or maybe @Graham might want to jump in and recommend a product.

Hope it all goes ok!

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Hi Jason,

You could probably use one of these:

But if you garage door has code hopping capability, I don’t see how you will be able to program your device to change to the correct code after each press. So you won’t be able to interface with the garage door directly. You could put a micro-controller at each end and have the garage side simulate a button press from the physical button.

If this was my project I would just take that working garage door opener and solder my panel button into the button on the remote. I’d just leave it battery powered since they last so long, or I’d stow the remote inside the dash and put a 12v to 3.3V step down regulator in there to power it off the car battery.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback guys, my P/B (momentary) shares a common with another P/B (latching) so I will still need to trigger an interposing relay to trigger the remote. Not a biggy, I just need to find a miniature 12 relay that isn’t a PCB mount.
The regulated supply would be the way to go I think so I can have a permanently fixed solution.


Hi Jason,

Check this relay out:

Hi i building a robot i am using pololu maestro mini servo controller i be using 10 relays and 10 transmitters ( remote controls ) will the have any affect on each other ? they will be placed
close together i appreciate any help thanks charlie

Hey @CHARLIE85695,

Could you give us a bit more info? My thinking is that if you are using the same receivers in roughly the same area on the same frequency they would be inductively coupled.

dis regard

Hi Gordon
I like to have 10 or more remote controls to turn off and on individually my 5 v pololu masetro boards for my robot yes t think the same frequency would coupled .but this might work ? found this

Controller: relay
(1) Working voltage: DC 5-18V
(3) Working frequency: 315/433MHZ (special frequency can be customized)
maybe if i find custom learing frequency remote controls or if you know something elese ?
i appreciate your help
kind rergards