Trigger remotely

Hi guys

I’m wanting to build a six Chanel remote door actuator

Essentially having one fob that can individually activate a pull solenoid from about 20 meters
To six individual units

Any tips would be great

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Hi Aaron,

Welcome :partying_face: Thanks for posting on the forum, an API running on six devices is likely the best way to go here in my opinion. Are you intending on controlling each of the units individually? Six Pico Ws all running web servers listening for a HTTP request which can be sent by another hooked up to a controller with some buttons for input should do the trick?

Or are you intending on connecting to all of the units at the same time? In which case a RF transceiver set up which multi-casts to many devices is likely the easiest way to get that set up.


There are two parts to this.
The multi channel control device and the receivers at the doors which drive solenoids.
@Bryce has suggested using WiFi.
As this sounds like a garage door opener, you have stated to be operated from 20 meters and not mentioned internet access, I would suggest something simpler like a 433MHz Radio device.
This is a common frequency band used for this purpose. It is legal to use this band on low power for this kind of thing.

Each receiver would activate on a code send by the remote control device. The RF hard work is done by a single chip and a google search would list many devices available.

Anyway … just a suggestion. All the best.