Geophone SM -24 connect to ZOOM H5 digital recorder

Hi interested in recording output of SM 24 geophone as audion to my ZOOM H5 digital recorder. Zoom will record down to 10Hz . Any suggestions?

@Graham is your man!

? And what does he think?

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I happen to own a Zoom H5 :slight_smile:

But, I can’t see a practical way forward to do this that would cost less / perform better than just using a 5V (or 3.3V) opamp and a datalogger of some flavour (especially if it records straight to csv format).

I like your idea, and please do report back with how you end up going about it!

thanks Graham , much appreciated.
I do own a zoom H5 so I’ll give it a try. My interest as a sound artist is in recording subsonic sound -produced by trees and the SM24 geophone seems worth a try… The zoom h5 , still seems to record down to about 10 rolloff notwithstanding. I’ll be pitch-shifting back into audible range …

Will certainly let you know