JST PH 2.0 connector Query

Hi team,

I am trying to make an XT60 to JST PH cable so I can charge my Lipo battery. I purchased the JST 2 pin male header (SKU: ADA3814) then connected an XT60 connector. All was going well until I connected to my lipo battery and realised the red/black wires are switched around. please see attached photo. Have I got a dodgy male header or is the problem elsewhere? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!
Kind regards


Hi Andrew,

I’ve spoken with our resident RC expert @Trent5487676 and he says that while there is no standard when it comes to batteries for which battery wire goes into which JST pin, and that JST-PH is a little uncommon compared to JST-RCY for RC LiPo applications. They’ll be correct for the batteries we sell.

As for moving forward, a set that you crimp yourself and some crimpers would be the best way to make sure your connector behaves exactly how you want.

Alternatively, if you felt like reversing the connections to your XT60 connector, while it’d look wrong, you’d know which went where.

Keen to see your project back on its feet!


Thanks James.

I ended up pulling the pins out of the JST PH connector and swapping them over. Now when I connect up my newly created XT60 to JST PH jumper cable the red wires flow from the battery through the jumper cable and into the connector lead that came with the charger. order restored:)

Kind regards