Getting 2 or more Pycom's to talk using LoRa

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Im sure this has been covered in a tutorial but I cant find it, I want my Pycom’s using LoRa to talk each other directly not using other networks like the cellular network or Wifi etc, Ive seen it done with other LoRa cards but cant find it in the Pycom’s docs. The end goal is to be able to have message capability from a phone connected to a LoRa device by say bluetooth and the LoRa device talking direct to each other LoRa devices and their connected phones, thanks


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I’d take a look at the LoRa MAC docs here: LoRa-MAC (Raw LoRa)

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@Liam120347 has hit the bullsey with the Pycom documenation, I’ve also found in some libraries (particularly on Adafruits LoRa bonnet) that it also expects a header that will eat up a couple of characters, I dont recall the argument off the top of my head but let us know if you run into an issue like that!