Pycom4 LoRa/Sigfox Configuration

I have a problem adding two new Pycom4 chips to an existing opperational system using five Pycom4 modules.

The connection issue is the LoRa radio system.
All seven Pycom4 modules have the same firmware 1.18.2.r4 and have the same application sofware loaded via ATOM.

System background:
The five prototype units were manufactured in the US and shipped to AU for field testing and development.
I am starting to expand the system initially by two and eventually by 100.
Note: all configuration settings i.e. frequency, spread factor and output power have the same settings.

The Problem:
All five “OLD” modules communicate over LoRa.
The two “NEW” modules communicate over LoRa between each other.
The two groups do not see each other.

Difference between modules sets:
When I load the Pycom firmware the completion window displays different module data.
The OLD group of modules list their LoRa address information but the NEW modules list the LoRa information as well as the Sigfox registration data.

My question:
How do I rest the Pycom4 module back to the factory supplied state or how do I remove the Sigfox information?

Hi John,

There are instructions on how to roll the firmware back to a previous version available from Pycom that may help you get them all working together.

Hi John,

Are you referring to the Pycom Lopy4? Are the old modules “LoPy” boards rather than “LoPy4”?

Sorry for bad description. They are all LoPy4 boards.

Thanks for the link. I have the latest version which allows me to select any of the old firmware versions. I am trying to remove the Sigfox ID and Sigfox PAC as they do not appear when updating the OLD group of LoPy4 modules. I am trying to establish a base line which is the same between both groups of LoPy4 chips.

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