Getting a Numerical Reading of Force Sensors

I am Trying to get a numerical value out of force sensors. Ihave coded them at the moment to register a increase in force but no value but need them to read a value? What code changes should be made or is there something that needs to be looked at.
I have wired them up and coded them according to How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Pressure Pad (FSR) - Pi My Life Up using the resistor method. the coding is done on a RPi Zero W with a UPS hat.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated
Happy to provide photos if needed



Hi Caleb,

Since the Pi has no ADC, it can’t read an analog value from a force sensitive resistor like this, the resistor is creating an analog voltage, but the Pi can only distinguish between HIGH and LOW (above or below a set voltage level) Have a look at this article from SparkFun to wrap your head around logic levels

In the ADC section of the guide you linked, they use an Analog-to-Digital (ADC) converter to get a true analog reading, in order to get a force value.

Let us know if you need some clarification on this, or if I’ve worded something poorly.