Pressure Sensor enquiry (SEN0293)

Hey there, so we’ve ordered a few pressure sensors ( RP-L-400 Thin Film Pressure Sensor) to be used for a model we are creating,

I was wondering if there was a comprehensive datasheet that outlines the resistance (R) to force (g) ratio graph provided on the website (I attempted to search but only came to wiki.dfrobot, which came up with limited information) - I was also wondering if there was a comprehensive explanation of the sensors themselves, while testing I observed different resistance readings when placing a weight along the sensor at different points? (since pressure is force over area, I was wondering if the sensor had other mechanisms to calculate its force)

I was also wondering if cutting the sensors in to shorter strip and soldering them would reduced the performance of the sensors? (if so I believe obtaining the 170mm version of the sensor would be better)

Furthermore most of the tests have been measured using a multimeter, understandably an arduino set up would be a better option for real time data recording, have there been any tutorials similiar, on setting up a simple resistance measuring device with this pressure sensor?

Sorry for the lengthy questions, and thank you everyone for reading.

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately that graph on our site is taken straight from the DFRobot “Datasheet” for this part

According to an OEM of similar sensors:

trimming the sensing area can result in less durability, potential for shorting, and less sensitivity.

So that could be something to keep in mind as well

I found a guide for using analog pressure sensors with an Arduino that you might want to take a look at

Keen to see what you do with this!

Hey Jason,

In this case, I would suggest also getting in touch with DFRobot and maybe asking on their forum if they can get that information for you. I’ve linked their contact page and the forum below. If there’s anything else that we can help you with please let me know.