Glue or double sided tape to attach e-ink display

Hi all,

I damaged the display on my Pimoroni Inky pHat | Core Electronics Australia and bought a replacement e-ink screen from aliexpress. I’ve tested that the new display works (see below)

So, what’s the best way to remove the old one and attach the new one? Heat gun for removal? Just scrape it off? Put some tape over the top to hold the glass?

What should I use to attach the new one? Regular double sided tape? Some kind of glue?

Ideally I’d like something that doesn’t dry instantly, so I can slide it about a little to adjust the position. They are pretty fragile, so I need to get it right first time.


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Hey Doug,

Seems like a tricky one, scraping would probably be the better option seeing as the screen itself is already dead, a bit of tape might be the best way forward for safety reasons.

As far as reattaching the working screen, I would recommend a gel-based superglue, it gives a bit of give as far as drying time, so there are a few seconds for you to reposition it as you like before it dries properly.



Hi Doug,

I’d say some thin double-sided tape is the way to go!
I’ve used this tape to mount large e-ink displays: X-Press It High Tack Double-sided Tape 3mm x 25m | Officeworks

With a thin butter knife removal/adjustment is possible but a bit scary…

While I was going down that rabbit-hole I came across documentation mentioning that acidic adhesives can deteriorate the insides of the display so acrylic isnt great. Kmart photo frames are an easy way to get smallish bits of glass!

Keen to see what you create :smiley:

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Hi, thanks for the advice, I ended up using some double sided tape, and I got it lined up nicely :slight_smile: