GPIO Multi-Function Expansion Board (Pi 4B/3B/3B+) (CE07895)

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This handy HAT sits right on the top of your Pi, and will break out the 40-Pin header on your Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ and 4B into 3 banks of pins, and adjacent pins to these connect to screwless spring terminals on the outside of the board.

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nice unit though i have a question how do the grey connectors work …??

let me elaborate some :how do they function are they a press down to fix the wire in place or screw type terminals never seen them before…if they are press and hold how do they release…

EDIT… thanks… just never seen that style @jeff105671

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It’s similar to PCB terminal block (250-204) | WAGO AU

Ferrule or solid wire connections are a push fit, stranded wire can be inserted if the button is pressed. Press the button to remove the connection.


Hey Brian,

They’re very similar to the ones Jeff mentioned above. You press down the clip which opens up the terminal, releasing it holds the wire in place once inserted.

Just a word of warning, don’t push the wire in too hard! You can actually get it stuck behind the opening relatively easily, which can end up in stripped insulation or section of wire stuck in the terminal when you go to pull it out.

Hope this helps!


Hi Jeff
If they are not Wago they are a good clone (probably Chinese). If you look up PC Terminal blocks on Wago web site which you obviously have there are 134 pages go terminal blocks of all different configurations.
Cheers Bob