Ras Pi GPIO pin connector

As the GPIO pins are 2 x 20, I’m guessing there must be one of those crimp connectors that I could use with some ribbon cable.

The ones which were used on the back of old type IDE drives look very close to what I am thinking, but I seem to remember they had some orienting thing on them.
That isn’t needed as there isn’t the other part on the RasPi anyway.

Do such connectors still exist?

Hi Andrew,

Yes, you can just use the old school IDE cables with the raspberry pi. Here is one that you could grab:

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When I get time I will have to get some and hack them. (Cut in middle and then connect to veroboard.)

Maybe this would be better - though more “bugs bunny” I think that would be better than time needed to cut/split/connect the wires.

should work just fine!

FYI, yes the IDE connectors have pin 20 missing/blanked off and will not plug into a Pi.

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