POE pins Raspberry pi 3B+


I recently purchased a PiJuice Zero with the intention of using it with a Pi 3B+ (it says it is compatible)

However when I tried to fit the PiJuice on top of the GPIO pins the 4 x POE (Power over Ethernet) pins are in the way.

Is it possible to desolder and remove these 4 pins from the raspberry pi so that the pi juice zero would then fit on top?

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Hey Steven,

That’s really odd, the Pijuice hat shouldn’t interfere with any of the other headers on any of the 40 GPIO pin models of the Pi.

Make sure to check out our guide on the PiJuice hat here to ensure its being installed correctly.


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Hi Brayden thanks for that.

Unfortunately the guide is for the full size Pi Juice hat. The one I have is the Pi Juice Zero (which does still say it is compatible with all boards with the 40 pin GPIO)

However the pi 3B+ has 4 additional Power over Ethernet pins that make it impossible to mount the Pi juice Zero. (See pic attached)

Is it possible to desolder these pins and remove them?

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Here is the pic

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Hi Blayden,

I think I’ve come up with a solution.

I’m going to get a female header strip today which will raise the pi juice board above the level of the POE pins.

I’ll try it this afternoon and let you know how it goes.



Yep I was able to rectify by using a stackable header on the GPIO pins so that the PiJuice Zero now connects into the elevated pins of the header (above the four Power over Ethernet pins)

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Hi Steve,

Cheers for updating us! Always nice to hear when an experiment goes right :slight_smile: