Gravity: mmWave C4001 24GHz Human Presence Detection Sensor (12 Meters, I2C & UART) (SEN0610)

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The Gravity: C4001 24GHz mmWave sensor excels in human presence detection and motion sensing. Features long-distance range (12m), distance and speed…

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Cant get I2c working on this device. I havent tried serial yet but I like i2c because i can standardise on i2c for a range of devices.
Although I could not actually test i2c there are still problems with the code. Principally there is no documentation - so the best I could do was read the python and c++ library code and (scanty) examples from dfrobot.
I noted that I2c (in both python and C++) does not support Polarity or PWM parameters although the code says they are supported in serial mode. I would imagine that polarity is just a bit in the control register and PWM would be a group of bits in the same register that someon hasnt bothered with. Anyway.
I will try to get serial going. Physically the board looks quite nice but I cant recommend it because being able to drive it is essential.

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Hi @Stuart48604, welcome to the forums! :smiley:

Sorry to hear you are having trouble talking to this sensor with I2C, If it helps the address should be 0x2A by default (0x2B as a secondary). There is some wiki documentation for this sensor although it’s not super extensive. If you haven’t found it already maybe it could help.

Hopefully you have more luck getting serial communication working. If you need more help any more information you could provide about your setup and testing steps so far would be super helpful.

Good luck with your project!