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Hi team,

I have changed one of the examples to print how long it takes for the module to display plain text.
for the given code, it takes more than 2 sec. I am testing the module on Pi Zero. is this delay acceptable? Have I missed anything as the delay is even worst for other sample codes, e.g. Animation?

Thank you!

from PiicoDev_SSD1306 import *
display = create_PiicoDev_SSD1306()
import datetime

myString = "This is Farhad"
myNumber = 123.4567

start_time =

display.text("Hello, World!", 0,0, 1) # literal string
display.text(myString, 0,15, 1) # string variable
display.text(str(myNumber), 0,30, 1) # print a variable
display.text("{:.2f}".format(myNumber), 0,45, 1) # use formatted-print

print(( - start_time).total_seconds())

Hi Farhad,

I’d try blanking the display variable with display.fill(0). before drawing anything on the module. I’ve found this to speed things up a lot when animating/looking for fast refreshes.
The Magnetometer project on the Core website has a really fast refresh rate using that method, I’m keen to see your results!

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