Guide by Tim; How to set up a PiHole on a Raspberry Pi - Block All Ads and More!

I have just shared content in Guides > Raspberry Pi: “How to set up a PiHole on a Raspberry Pi - Block All Ads and More!”

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A PiHole has to be my favourite Pi Zero W project, it’s just the right mix of hardware performance to create a really useful project that doesn’t break the bank.


I wish to know if there are guides on how to setup a PiHole on Android instead on Raspbian,
or how to setup a PiHole on other SBCs: such as Khadas or Orange Pi.
Thanks in advance

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Supported operating systems are here: Prerequisites - Pi-hole documentation

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I had to do this on a remote raspberry pi and the instructions provided did not work for me. But once I figured out how to create an SSH user as described in another guide, I could come back and follow this. Apparently the recent security upgrade in recent Rasp Pi OS.


Im having a problem pasting the install command that includes " | bash " at the end of it, my pi wont let me enter the “|” symbol so is it still possible to download the pi-hole?

Hey @scott269164, welcome to the forums!

I’m not too sure, but my best guess of what’s going on here would be issues with keyboard mapping? You may need to change your configuration to fix this up. Here and here are some posts elsewhere that give a bit more detail.

You may also be able to get around even inputting “|” by using “wget -O” which should download the script and save it as “”, and then you can execute it with “sudo bash”.