Hardware to connect raspberry pi 4 to Apple iPad Pro

I am ordering basics ofRaspberry pi 4 4gb to connect with Apple iPad Pro and want some help in placing the order (I am new to all thing Raspberry)

Hi Roger,

You can connect your IPad to the Raspberry Pi 4 in a few ways, to get an idea of what way will be best for you what is the ultimate goal of your project?

To be able to interact with the Rasperry Pi and to use it to enable access to my folders etc used with my Windows 10 peripherals

This YouTube video discusses exactly this topic. At only 10 mins long, should be worth your time to have a look.

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That is the video that started me in this path.

But thanks for bringing it to my attention

I have added links to the guides he mentions in the videos that will help you setup the Pi and the ethernet over USB-C


Very good service Clinton. Thank you for the helpful links. When the package arrives we shall see if I am competent to follow the help.