"SLIM" Raspberry Pi4

Good morning

I am looking for an electronics guru who can remove the following from qty 2 X RPi 4’s

Ethernet port
2 x USB 2.0 Full-size ports
2 x USB 3.0 Full-size ports,
GPIO pins
Stereo Output
MPI CSI Camera port

I need to have the RPi4 as lower profile as possible

I would like the FULL SIZE USB ports replace with

1 X USB 2.0 micro port
1 X USB 3.0 micro port


I am fairly certain that what you are asking with changing the USB connectors from full size to micro isn’t technically feasible. The pads on the circuit board won’t align with the connectors on the micro connector.

You may be able to change the dual stack USB ports with single connectors. At least the pads and connectors may be in the right place.

What is the application you have in mind? Do you really need to use a Pi4? Would a Pi Zero be a better fit?