Hardware troubleshooting a Pi Camera modile

Hi there.

I’ve been trying to set up Octoprint/Octopi on a couple of different Pi 3’s (both a B+ and an A+) but I’m really struggling to get the camera to work. I’m just using a standard Pi Camera V2 module, purchased from Core Electronics about a month ago now. I’ve tried changing ribbons, etc, but haven’t had any luck.

Has anyone seen any good camera hardware troubleshooting guides? I’m thinking my camera module might be faulty but I really couldn’t say for sure.

Hi Andrew,

Have you tried following the steps in this guide?

Let me know what you can get out of the Pi Camera following those steps and get back to me.

Sorry for the long reply Stephen, but is there a version of that which suits a headless setup?

Hi Andrew,

I’m not aware of one, but I’m sure somebody out there has done it!