Waveshare 7.9inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, 400×1280 (CE07251)

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7.9inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, 400×1280, HDMI, IPS, Toughened Glass Cover

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Does this display come with the HDMI to mounted rPi U-bend adaptor? It seems like a bespoke part for that use case?

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According to Waveshare’s product page it does, so it should:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for making a post! I can confirm it comes with the adapter, as per @Oliver33 's post.


It arrived and quite honestly… it’s STUNNING! For it’s price… the ease of mounting a raspberry pi with the included adaptors is brilliant. Picture quality is top notch and touch just works in Windows 10.

I’m using it for a SimHub dashboard for PC sim racing. And it’s incredible! I’m not sure I can stop at just one of these…

Simhub on Waveshare 7.9" 400x1280 test


Hey Mark,

That looks like a great implementation for the display! We’d love to see what other car readouts you’d use these for if you end up grabbing some more :grin:

Feel free to ask if you had any questions or queries about the product too!