HDMI Plug to Terminal Block Breakout (ADA3118)

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Make your own custom HDMI cable or HDMI interface with ease, using this HDMI Terminal Block Breakout. You get a nice solid PCB with an HDMI plug and two strips of … read more

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Can these be used to reterminate a HDMI cable with a broken connector?

Hi Peter,

Yes, but the colors of the wires may not follow a “standard” configuration. You would need to know where each wire needs to be terminated. A female breakout on the other end of the wire would allow you to check them with a meter.

Thanks Stephen. I was thinking of buying two and reterminating both ends.


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HI There

Just a couple of questions

  1. Does the breakout plug need to be soldered or does it used screwed contacts

  2. If I follow normal colour standards can I blow up the interface chips?

  3. How much does the female breakout box cost


HI Colin,

These are screw terminal connections so no soldering is required.

There is no guarantee that your cable will follow normal color standards.

You can find a female HDMI here:

Do you have a wiring diagram for this terminal.

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Hi Michael,

In regards to a wiring diagram what were you after? HDMI uses a common pinout, diagram below:

Most manufacturers are willy-nilly with the colours that are used in cables so the best way to confirm is by getting a matching socket and ‘beeping’ out connections with a multimeter