HDMI Plug Breakout Board

Hi guys, I run a small repair shop and a client has bought in a lead for a “mapTuner”. It has 1 HDMI Plug that slits off to Two leads
1 x HDMI
1x Stereo socket

Corrosion got into the hdmi plug and he got in there with a jack hammer and broke pins now needs to replace the single hdmi plug
I am not familiar with hdmi but will definitely be able to fix this with a bit of info from you good people

Plug is a male and has 19 pins. 9 bottom 10 top. On the HDMI Plug Breakout Board, there are 20 points to solder but 20 is next to 1

So my question is, is 20 a pin or an earth to the body meaning there are only 19 pins… ?
Thanking you in advance

Hi Charlie,

There are 19 pins, pin #20 is electrically connected to the outer-shell.


Your blood is worth bottling Graham Thank you