Health check an Arduino MKR Motor Carrier

Does anyone know how to do a health check of an Arduino MKR Motor carrier ? I am trying to use the Arduino Engineering Kit and there is something wrong with the Motor Carrier. I can see the power on , LEDs corresponding to the DC motor ports switching on but I am not able to get any response back on to the arduino serial in the IDE or run any motors. I am using it with the arduino MKR 1000 board

I could not find much information by simple googling. Appreciate any pointers.

Hi Aswani,

For some troubleshooting to try and resolve this issue I’d recommend using another board to control the carrier if you have one available. Also, switching out the motors for another set with different specifications to ensure that’s not causing any issues would also be a potential way to confirm that the faults are within the MKR 1000.

If you could also send through an email to we’ll look into this for you right away and sort something out for you. If there’s anything else that I can do for you please let me know.

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