Help Build Me a Headless Plexamp Unit


I’m looking to create a headless Plexamp setup. Currently, I have a pair of Edifier S3000 Pros connected to my TV via optical and an Nvidia Shield Pro connected to the TV. So, I’m looking to create a headless Plexamp unit to listen to music without needing to go through the Nvidia Shield Pro.

From a hardware perspective I am pretty lost. I know I need a Raspberry Pi 4 at a minimum and likely a DAC - whether it’s a hat or external DAC, and then whatever case etc - I’m not sure but I need it to be A: good and B: have coaxial output since it’s how I’ll connect it to the Edifiers.

I am hoping someone could help create a suitable build where I can add to cart and purchase then put it together.


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Hi Joel, Welcome to the Forums!!!

There’s 2 ways you could approach hardware for this project.

Option one you could use a a SPDIF digital connection to the speakers and use their inbuilt DAC.
A product like the HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro would allow either a Coax or Optical digital connection to the speakers.

Option 2 you could look at using a DAC on the Pi such as Raspberry Pi DAC+ HAT which would give you an Analogue RCA or 3.5mm out for your.

Both options should work well with a Pi 4 and Plexamp headless for this use case.