Help with replacing 4.5 volt battery pack

This is the battery pack we are replacing - it lights up a string of lights. We think the circuit board was a timer that we had disabled? But not sure. We want to know if the product 3 AA Battery Holder with Enclosed switch will work? Thank you

Hey Steven,
The part you’re looking at won’t replace this entire unit. It will only replace the battery holder part. If you need to replace the whole unit it might be best to get in touch with the manufacturer of the device and see if there’s a possibility of getting a new battery pack.

Hi Aidan - thank you, we have been in touch with the manufacturer of the device - it was made in the USA - he is calling again in the am. He wasn’t sure if we needed the circuit board part or not? Which surprised us as he made the letters (the lights are inserted in a large light up letter.

Hi Steven,

If there’s some smarts built into the display, then chances are you’ll need that circuit board part as well. It’s likely to be controlling the LEDs in some way. Hopefully you can clear that up with the phone call you’ve got scheduled.

Hi Graham,

Thanks very much for your reply - I hope so!