HOOKUP guide question: how to hookup LSM6DSO to a Arduino UNO board


I’m building a little project for uni assignment to detect tilt, when a tilt happens, the sensor should be able to record data and send data.

I’m using Arduino UNO board, anyone have an idea how to do the assemble? I can only find the hookup guid with SparkFun RedBoard, but it’s not helping much for assembling to UNO.

(I’m not electrical smart LOL, so if can be more in details will be really helpful)

Many thanks in advance.



Hi Kiki,

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Basic issue; the UNO works of 5V and the LSM6DSO works of 3.3V. This means you cannot directly connect them and need to use a level converter as shown in the Sparkfun web page.

Do you really need to use the LSM6DSO and UNO ??

If you just want to detect tilt, record and send I would look at using a micro:Bit. The tilt function is built in; and the MakeCode Block Programming interface is easy to use. (links below) The micro:Bit also has quite a few interfaces for other projects. There is no need to assemble anything if you use a micro:Bit. Just plug it into a PC USB port.

I have linked the Go Bundle as it contains all you need to get it going.


PS If you really need to use the UNO & LSM6DSO, let me know and I will try to assist you in getting it going.

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Hi Kiki,

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I’d agree with @James46717’s suggestion that the Micro:bit might be a cheaper and easier option for what you are trying to do.
If you did have to use the LSM6DSO with an Arduino you need a logic level converter and will need to do some soldering to connect it up.
We have a guide for how a logic level converter works that you can find here.