How to change text size on OLED display - Wipy 3.0 - micropython


I am working with a Wipy 3.0 and and OLED display 128x64 using the I2C interface. At the moment I can display texts on the display without any problems, but I would like to change the text size. The library method (.text()) that I am using does not support any parameter to change
the font size.

I know this functionality is well supported on Arduino and Raspberry Pi, but I haven’t seen any micropython code yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the link of the ssd1306 that I am using

a) ‘const’ is missing so I added: -from micropython import const
b) I replaced all .high() to .value(1)
c) I replaced all .low() to .value(0)

Hi Marco,

You might be able to find something helpful within the CircuitPython libraries for the same device. CircuitPython won’t work directly but its pretty close!

Hello Stephen,

i’ll take a look at it.

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