How to configure GPS-735T gps receiver

Some time ago I purchased a GPS-735T gps receiver from core electronics and have got around to connecting it to a pi zero w. I connected it to the uart and I am receiving data fine.

What I cannot discern from the data sheet is how to configure it. The data sheet suggests many things are configurable, but there is nowhere that I can find on the internet to say how. Has anyone at core worked out how to do this? Do I need special software or something?


Hi Peter,

Sorry I don’t have any direction on how to configure these modules. The only information that we have is what is in the datasheet. Occasionally datasheets will imply that things can be changed but go no direction on how to change them, and usually this is because it can be configured different ways from the factory.

Good luck with your project!

Yes. It is quite usable in default mode. Actually I see an important message “based on the U-blox 7 chipset”
and googling for that gives some reasonable documentation.

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u-blox make available their u-center software to do configuration and detailed monitoring of a unit’s performance. It can be downloaded from their site.

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It is operating quite well in default mode actually. I just gave it a couple hours hanggliding airtime down stanwell, and if fed my xcsoar on kobo quite well.

If it ever gets out of default mode, I trust I could just take its battery out. I control it from python script running on a raspberry pi. It connects

directly to the pi uart. I added a cr 2030 battery backup.

I left it running over night from the raspberry pi connected to my kobo in my living room, just to test out the pi-kobo link, and the damn thing actually got a fix and told me where I was in Sydney.

So it is quite a handly unit.

If I ever get problems, I will have to read the u-blox documentation and configure it from the script. So far it has operated flawlessly.


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