How to connect speakers to Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board? ๐Ÿ”Š

Hey all,

How do you connect the speaker wires in this image (Adafruit Learning System) to the blue things on the right?

Do you need to solder them?

Thank you!

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No. The bare end of the speaker wire is clamped into the terminal using the screw that is visible in the image. There is more detail here:


Thank you so much Jeff!


Hey Teena,

Bobโ€™s right, the screw terminals mean that you donโ€™t need to solder the speakers directly to your board. However, just to clarify, it is worth noting that most of the versions you buy at Core Electronics (and from most other suppliers too) will require you to solder the blocks and pins to your board initially:

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Thank you Bryce!

I completely forgot about the soldering part, so Iโ€™m super glad you flagged it.

Time for a trip to Bunnings :red_car:

Hey Teena,

Just before you jump into grabbing some solder from Bunnings there is a difference between the stuff used in plumbing/glass work and electronics, there was a good discussion here: Feather M4 Express and NEOPXL8 M4 Featherwing problems - #4 by Phillip128696

In short it would be better to grab some solder such as this (Also my personal favorite): 1mm Lead Free 250g Roll Solder Australia
Some of the irons there look pretty decent, Iโ€™m keen to see how you go!

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Thank you Liam! :smiley:

I read through the thread and I think the takeaway is that I need to use the right soldering material (where it has a non-corrosive flux)? Hopefully I interpreted it correctly.

May I ask what made you recommend this? 1mm Lead Free 250g Roll Solder Australia. Is it safer because itโ€™s lead free?

@Robert93820 from the Featherwing thread recommended Resin Core Solder where the flux is in 5 cores in the solder. Is the lead free solder you recommended the same type?

I also got too excited and went ahead and bought this soldering iron before seeing your comment: 1mm Lead Free 250g Roll Solder Australia I like the cool spiral stand. Do you think this iron will be ok?

Thank you Liam for all your help!

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Hi all at Core
That link

Says 1mm solder. The pic says on the roll 0.5mm. Which is it and how many cores. The spec sheet says Rosin but does not specify number of cores.

There is a vast difference in using 1mm and 0.5mm and 1 and 5 core solders.
Cheers Bob

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Donโ€™t recollect doing anything like that.
Donโ€™t even know what a Featherwing is.
I think you are mixing me up with someone else.
Cheers Bob

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