How to have Waveshare 5" LCD display turn on with signal?

I just bought a Waveshare 5" LCD display SKU: CE06729 and every time its provided with a display signal I need to unplug the USB and plug it back in to turn it on (buttons are not accessible without removing it from the case every time) and I was wondering if its possible to get it to turn on with just display input or have it always on.

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Hi Toasty,

See if this helps - disabling screen blanking in RPi - I am assuming you’re using it as a RPi display. Even on other OS’ this option should be available.

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with both hdmi and the usb power applied it should display immediately.after you power it up via any board to test run it on a windows box it will tell you what is wrong …id say...although your boot up files may need to be modded as per they guys post above… above…maybe the unit has a fault…??? change out your cables…specially the usb micro one…

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the only way i managed to fix it was to turn off USB power when my pc is off, its not a fault but rather the display just goes into sleep mode and powers down until u press the power button again, all fixed now but kinda annoying


if your using it on an X 86 processor machine or alike they usually always have power to the usb rails even in shut down…pull out the mains i bet it totally shuts off…dunno about your sbc,but prolly the same

hence to say that atx switch-modes always have power in them and only ever reach basically stand by mode if you have ever pulled a p.c apart you will only ever see a soft start /stop switch connected spst…if you shut down your sbc via the software power will still be applied to the sbc until you pull the d.c rails…ok self test wit a dmm for yourself…!!!

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Good troubleshooting. :slight_smile:
I use an USB cable with a switch for my RPi 4. It is easier to switch it back on, rather than unplugging and plugging in the power brick. In an event when there is a need to use a PC to power the Pi, it can easily be isolated electrically, when connected to any “Always ON” USB ports. Troubleshooting one system is headache enough six months down the line, with the typical fix it and forget it memory of mine.