How To Replace Your FEP Film - Resin Printer Maintenance Tip

Hey all, just put the finishing Bow on the guide “How To Replace Your FEP Film - Resin Printer Maintenance Tip”.

I’ve done this process a couple of times and have refined it :slight_smile: so come see exactly how I do it and save yourself making my mistakes. Replacing a FEP is a normal part of the life of a Resin 3D Maker, so come learn the Elite Method.

After owning a resin printer for some time at a certain point you will need to replace the original FEP Release Film that comes installed from the factory on a DLP or SLA machine with a new one. These are wearable components and if left on too long will result in less sharp and less reliable prints.

Note! A new FEP often has transparent protective coverings on either side of it that can be very hard to see. Make sure to peel those two protective surfaces off before installing!

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We are having issues with replacing our FEP. We did the install the exact same why you guys do, but after it sticks to the LCD screen and creates air bubbles between the FEP and LCD screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Dennis,

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Do you have the spacer installed between the FEP and Vat?