Replacement optical sensor for creality resin priner?

pretty sure the optical sensor on my creality 002 h is stuffed, anyone suggest a replacment pease?

Hi David,

Could you some more info on your sensor? (pinout, photos, lettering etched on the sensor, dimensions)

We have a few opto-interrupters in our store, but we’ll need a bit more info to point you in the right direction.

Have you reached out to Creality to see if they can supply you with an exact replacement?

Did you purchase the printer from Core recently? If so we can look into it as an RMA.

Keen to get you back and printing!

i did indeed get the l002r from you but i fer it long out of warranty, over 2 years now…the sensor is identical to the one on the 002h …easily removed with an allen key and pull off the connector…mine has some numbers, but they are unreadable…