How to use Raspberry Pi Cameras with Bullseye OS Update

New tutorial all wrapped up demonstrating exactly ‘How to use Raspberry Pi Cameras with Bullseye OS Update’.

This provides an overview on the new terminal commands which control attached cameras for Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers. With the newest update to Raspberry Pi OS (Debian Version 11 - nicknamed ‘Bullseye’) there have been some changes. This guide will demonstrate how to take pictures and videos, change the parameters, create a time-lapse and how to encode/capture raw data/capture colour spaces using this new package.

As a user, this update means the old | raspistill | and | raspicam | camera commands have been replaced with different commands under the new Libcamera suite. All camera control commands have basically had their first prefix replaced with | libcamera-still | and | libcamera-vid | with some changes to additional run-on settings as well.

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