Camera Module 3 NoIR Wide


I’m trying to run the new Camera Module 3 NoIR Wide on a Raspberry Pi Model 3 V 1.2 running Bullseye 11 (installed with the Raspberry Pi Imager). I’ve connected the camera and done updates (sudo get update then sudo get upgrade and reboot) and I cannot get the camera to work. Libcamera-hello produces the following:

libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate
Made X/EGL preview window
[0:00:42.476832222] [1073]  INFO Camera camera_manager.cpp:299 libcamera v0.0.3+40-9b860a66
[0:00:42.549558993] [1086]  WARN CameraSensorProperties camera_sensor_properties.cpp:205 No static properties available for 'imx708_wide_noir'
[0:00:42.549668420] [1086]  WARN CameraSensorProperties camera_sensor_properties.cpp:207 Please consider updating the camera sensor properties database
[0:00:42.686966753] [1086]  INFO RPI raspberrypi.cpp:1425 Registered camera /base/soc/i2c0mux/i2c@1/imx708@1a to Unicam device /dev/media3 and ISP device /dev/media0
[0:00:42.688751493] [1073]  INFO Camera camera.cpp:1028 configuring streams: (0) 2304x1296-YUV420
[0:00:42.689384045] [1086]  INFO RPI raspberrypi.cpp:805 Sensor: /base/soc/i2c0mux/i2c@1/imx708@1a - Selected sensor format: 2304x1296-SBGGR10_1X10 - Selected unicam format: 2304x1296-pBAA
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  failed to import fd 21

Any help appreciated


A model 3 (orearlier) with Bullseye needs some special configuration in order to execute libcamera apps. See:
libcamera apps on Bullseye running on Pi 0 - 3 - Raspberry Pi Forums