How to wire Latching Switch

Can someone please draw a diagram on how to wire ADA1478 in series with 4 lED with resister
powered by USB.
I bought all these components through you guys

[date=2022-09-14 timezone=“Australia/Sydney”]Can someone please do a diagram for wiring 16mm 4pin latching switch to led in series with resister

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Hi Domnic,

This guide has a diagram about halfway down which shows how to wire multiple LEDs with current limiting resistors.

If you need help calculating your current limiting resistor values we have another guide with some examples which can walk you through the process.

Only the LED in the switch will have polarity, so the top two terminals will be the LED terminals. The switch itself doesn’t matter if it’s reversed.


This might be what you are referring to:
LED Series Resistor Calculator | DigiKey Electronics

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Thank you Trent