Backlight Current Draw: Metal Pushbutton - Latching (16mm, Red)

The Metal Pushbutton - Latching (16mm, Red) has a backlight that is rated for 5-12V. I am using it to switch a 12V circuit. I would like to give it a dual brightness function so that it is dimly lit using a resistor and diode to drop the voltage down to 5V when in the “off” state, and fully lit in the “on” state.

What is the current draw at each of these voltages, so I can choose the correct wattage resistor and diode?

Unfortunately I don’t have a variable power source at home so I cannot test it for myself.


Hi Ben, Welcome to the forum :smiley:

I’ve just tested the pushbutton LED on the bench here, the LED is separate from the switch contacts as you know and will stay on no-matter the switch state.
The LED draws 3.5mA with 5V applied across it and 11mA with 12V applied across it.