Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board pin constantly grounded?

Hey everyone,

I just got my first Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board this afternoon and am having some technical issues with it. As soon as it’s powered, it starts playing whichever sound file I have allocated to pin 3, without me grounding it. It won’t play any sounds allocated to the other pins and just repeats the pin 3 sound indefinitely. I’ve removed any sound effects from pin 3 and still the other pins do not work.

The only wiring on the board is out to a single speaker (right) and the power (VIN & ground). I had wires soldered into the 3 pin and another ground pin in the hope that if I grounded them together I’d be able to play the other pins. No such luck, but it would pause the playback if I touched them together.

Anyone know what this issue is or how to fix it?

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Hi Sam,

Could you send through a photo of the underside of your board? This seems very unusual! It might be a faulty board but we should look into this further

Keen to get you back on track!

EDIT: Could you also copy and paste the file names of your audio files? That’ll help us diagnose as well.


Hi James,

I’ve attached some photos of the back and a Google Drive link to a video showing how the board is functioning. You can see as soon as it finishes one sound file it immediately plays the next one. (4 of my 5 sound files sound exactly the same which is why it sounds like it’s looping the same noise)

The files I currently have on the board are:
T00.ogg (The original file the board came with)

Yeah very unusual! I can’t find any similar issues online and it’s got me stumped.