Hydro Dipping Sheets – 10 Pack of A4 Size Sheets (ADA3539)

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Hydro dipping is a fun, hands-on way of adding printed designs to any surface! This process can be done on any material that can hold the base coat and can be submerged … read more

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Can stainless steel water bottles be hydro-dipped?

Hi Wendy,

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In short the sheets themselves wont be able to - there are ways around it though! With any maker-related parts there will be some trial and error to get it perfect.

I did a bit of digging to see how these worked and it seems as if they are made of PVA (the same stuff thats in wood glue). For an adhesive to work well it either has to grip in like velcro or chemically melt its way in. (will come into play later)

In this instance though the PVA disolves into the water and the ink is directly deposited onto the material it might come off pretty easily - same with the 3D printed parts. No worries though you can use a clear coat to keep everything in, just make sure it works well with stainless.

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