I have a Lexmark n8352 Wireless Print Server Adaptor - need to get Antenna Extension


I am looking for an antenna to suit this connector (see attached pic)

It appears to be an ipx pcb connector.

This is in for a Lexmark n8352 USB wireless print server adapter

I’m looking to improve the performance of this adapter and would like a small antenna that fits inside the existing adapter

The connector looks a bit unusual

Hi Denis
Antennas are physical things. The frequency will determine the size. If it fits OK, if it doesn’t ???.
Cheers Bob

Hi Denis,

Unfortunately the closest I found was the Hirose 162B series, but it’s not an exact match:

Generally, the the black ring on on the connector means that it’s an RF switch, rather than an RF connector. What this means is that when you plug in an antenna, something in the connector is deflected and disconnects the antenna on the board (they can’t both be used at the same time, and using neither will damage the RF circuitry, so a switch handles all this).

I had a look at the ranges of Amphenol and Hirose and couldn’t find an exact match, but maybe other manufacturers like MuRata might have something.

And don’t forget, you may be able to get this info from Lexmark, or build your own print server with a raspberry Pi over ethernet if you require a better connection, or place a WiFi AP or repeater right next to the printer.

Good luck with the upgrade!