HC-05 Bluetooth module Compatibilities

I was looking into purchasing either HC-05 or HC-06 for my project, and I was wondering if you could see if it is compatible with the OpenMV cam H7 plus.
OpenMV cam H7 plus: OpenMV Cam H7 Plus | Sparkfun SEN-16989 | Core Electronics Australia
HC-06: Bluetooth Module (HC-06) | Core Electronics Australia
HC-05: Bluetooth Module (HC-05) | Core Electronics Australia

I am also wondering if the Bluetooth module works with microPython?, since the OpenMV cam uses the OpenMV IDE.
What sort of data can be sent from the pins of the OpenMV cam to the TX & RX pins on the BT mod? can it be PWM commands or Uart Commands that go High or low?
Also, are you able to explain better what is the AT command mode?
What are the main differences between the HC-06 and the HC-05 modules?


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It is not clear how you want to use the Bluetooth modules with respect to the Cam.
If you want to add Bluetooth functionality to the Cam then I don’t think these will do what you want them to.
To answer your questions I suggest a google search, there are some really good articles and some not so good. But all in all they will provide much better information than can be put here in just one post.
Some links I found:-



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Thanks @James46717 for helping out, interesting links!

In general AT commands are a human-readable protocol, plain text commands sent through from a host device usually to a communication device (GPS, radio, lots of different types of boards) where there is a list of supported commands and expected responses.