If you ever wanted flying Lego drones, FlyBrix is for you!

The Maker Revolution is upon us? We're seeing innovative tech pop-up left, right, and center that enables people around the globe to get hands-on with inventing and creating cool projects! We've seen Makey-Makey turn the world around you into a button, littleBits make electronics as easy as Lego and Chibitronics bringing paper circuits to the classroom! It's a truly exciting time to be alive already, wait until you see this.

Flybrix kits allow anyone to create functioning drones, using Lego® bricks for the frame alongside the flybrix control modules and motors. Check out the Wrong Brothers (flybrix' 21st Century take on the Wright Brothers) in this awesome preview of Flybrix below.


At it's heart, Flybrix is an educational technology toy. It's designed to teach the basics of prototyping, flying and electronics. It uses a 96MHz ARM Cortex M4 processor (Arduino-compatible) to control flight. The best part is the whole lot is open source, meaning it's infinitely tweakable!

A super cool addition to any maker's repertoire. Parent's should beware as It is capable of flying, crashing and rebuilding drones in and around the home!

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