In need of 3.7v Lipo battery special sizing

Hey guys,
I’m in need of a 3 pin Lipo Battery. It needs to be 3.7v and equivalent to 1.97wh or thereabouts

Now the sizing is where it matters!

Needs to be 18mm wide x 35mm x 5mm

Please help! haha


Hey Joe,

Dividing 1.97 Wh (1970mWh) by 3.7V we get ~1878mAh capacity for your three pin LiPo, we’ll likely want to stay higher than this to ensure you can get enough current from the battery so a 2000mAh 3.7V LiPo should do the trick. This would likely be either 1S1P or possibly 1S2P.

I assume the third pin is for an NTC on the battery to monitor the temperature, it’s very common for LiPo cells. I also assume that you’ll want a three-pin JST-PH connector on the end of it? That’s a very common standard. Unfortunately, at Core Electronics, there’s a 1000mAh and a 4000mAh cell with the three pin connection, typically used for PiJuice setups, but not much in between from what I could find (if anyone else is reading this and knows of a cell please correct me here).

For a specific cell such as that, you’ll notice that there are some numbers on the side of your battery. Typically, they give the dimensions, as well as the configuration of the cells depending on the manufacturer. Knowing the voltage out and chemistry, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a near identical replacement for the cell online by searching that number.

(Just ensure that your replacement has a low-voltage protection circuit built in and that it can supply enough current for your application first so that it isn’t as big of a fire risk, as LiPo can be quite volatile when used incorrectly. Below is one of countless random videos online demonstrating this for anyone else reading this post, there are a few reasons LiPo fires are particularly dangerous so always keep a bucket of sand or other appropriate safety measures nearby for the larger cells when putting together the project just in case)

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Hey Bryce,
Thanks for the reply. I have searched for the original battery but I haven’t been able to find one.

Apparently the manufacturer does not sell this battery either… :open_mouth:

I’ve attached a pic if anyone is able to guide me to find one please.

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If you search by ‘battery 602035’ you will get several results. Note that the capacity of 1.97Wh is not critical for a replacement. You should select a component close to that value if possible, as that will likely be the best match in terms of charge and discharge characteristics, but mostly the capacity just determines how long it lasts before needing recharging.