Simultaneous RFID Reader - w/Lora

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:,

I am about to branch out and purchase a Sparkfun Similtaneous RFID Reader:

I am a novice with electronics but capable with code and supporting applications.

I need advice on how to complement this RFID sensor with a LoRaWAN mod:
Will something like this be suitable on its own:


I am leaning towards just using the redboard and connecting further modules:

But really don’t want to set off on the wrong path.

Ultimately i would like to combine,
Solar power
RFID reader
RFID Antenna - UHF RFID Antenna (TNC)
LoRa Transmitter

I don’t fully understand voltage and amps yet so rather then fry everything i touch :zap: :fire: i hope i can get some good pointers that will not only prevent this but expand my knowledge as well :exploding_head:

Sounds like a great project on the bake. If you know your way around coding, then perhaps just start with the LoPy4. It would be more than capable of interfacing with any RFID module that has a serial interface (with the exception that the pins are limited to 3.3V logic).

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Thanks for the reply Graham,

The last thing for me would be confirming the ability for this reader to read animal EID tags.
If my thought is correct, watching the frisbee video was like sheep running through a gateway (smarter people out there please don’t steal this one on me :crazy_face:)

Only thing i’ve really found to help me with this outside of automated dog/cat feeders (which are really cool to) is

The simultaneous reader appears to have a wide range for frequencies.

Do you think i am on the right path Graham?

I’m not aware of maker-type products that support ISO FDX-B, though there are countless commercial chioces out there. Animal “microchip” also operatate around 135Khz from memory, and that is well below modern simutanious UHF-type tech.

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Fantastic, i was uncertain with this element so a little bit of further reading to go…

For reference, there is also this online

I find this video very funny to

Thanks for the assistance,

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The “guy with a Swiss accent” does do a very good job with his videos, and I’ve enjoyed quite a few of them as well.

He has also done quite a few on LoRa, and you might watch them as well when you have some spare time.

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I’ve found a good range of RFID readers - pet versions too - from these people in Melbourne:

I’ve bought one for my own cat-reading project, but so far it’s still in the box it arrived in. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thanks for the link Greig!
It would be great to know how you find it once it escapes from its confines!

Is there anything in particular you are looking to achieve?

We have an internal cat door that separates two parts of the building here at home.

The idea is that the RFID reader - coupled with a direction sensor - will be able to record the passage of our furry monsters, and in what direction.

It’s all part of my Big Brother-style plan to be able to find the buggers (as they have a knack for hiding from us - a luxury we’re not afforded in reverse).

They’re sufficiently different in colour that if this fails we MIGHT be able to do something with a camera and some cloud-based AI to do the same trick. If there are two eyes in shot it’s coming at you, one and it’s going away. :wink:

That project’s still a while off, backed up behind the Cat Wheel Speedo, which is suffering decimal point problems with the stupid upside-down Adafruit display.

I’ve just realised the YouTube video you linked was the same product. Snap.

There is not enough time!

Priority1 RFID TTL reader is kicking goals connected to a pi zero w.

Now to add some decision making!

LoPY4 is currently offline :flushed: i definitely done something wrong - Pycom have responded with a few tips on how to resurrect it :crossed_fingers: